After the coup attempt that took place on July 15th, the president  exhorted the people to take to the streets and support the turkish democracy. 

 In Taksim square a real celebration is set up by the president’s conservative party: maxi-screens showing interviews and videos from the coup night, music and lights, stands with free food and water and all around an ocean of red flags. Many young people, teenagers even, who want their picture to be taken covered with the turkish flag and doing the grey wolves sign, an extremist right wing movement, at the camera. 

The opposition party organizes a big demonstration to support democracy and at the same time to condemn the coup but also the state of emergency, the suspension of the European Convention on Human Rights and the many arrests wanted by Erdogan. In fact, after the coup there has been a purge in the administration in which a total of some 60 thousands public officials have been suspended, fired or even detained.

After the events of the 15th of July a nationalistic fever spreads throughout the city and its everyday life in the form of flags at every corner, red lights on historical buildings and writings on t-shirts and gadgets. 

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